2016 Year End Campaign #SincerelyLale


Dear friends,

Omo Child needs your help and we need it today! As you know, we run almost entirely on individual donors; people like you who have been touched by our work and contributed to our mission.

Right now, we are forced to concentrate on our month-to-month expenditure, but we have big plans for our growing children and the communities they come from! We run on a very modest budget: Your help will make a direct and immediate impact!

If everyone who is reading this contributed a small donation of $25 every month, our monthly donation level would match our expenses, and we could be more aggressive about our plans for the future.

Our kids are growing up fast and we have big plans to ensure they become Ethiopia’s future leaders! We want to make sure they receive top-notch education when they age out of their current school. We want to purchase another car so that while we are on trips to the Omo Valley working to end mingi, our kids at home have the security of a vehicle in case of an emergency. We want our kids to be the generation that puts an end to this practice!

We need your help today! Please take the next step toward becoming a part of this amazing family because together we all play a role in their bright futures!

Your monthly contribution of any amount will have the most significant impact by allowing us to plan for the future and care for the day-to-day necessities.

You have the power right now at your fingertips to not only contribute to the beautiful lives we are directly safe guarding, but to also shift an entire cultural paradigm that sends innocent children to the outskirts of society, deems them cursed, and kills them. You have the power to give life to future generations.
I want to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… and reach out with any questions: info@omochild.org.



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