Six Years Ago Today…


Dear friends,

Today is a very special day! Today we celebrate life, love, and hope. Today is Lale Chicha’s 6th birthday. I hold Lale very dear to my heart.

Six years ago today, Lale Chicha was born to an unwed Kara couple in the Omo Valley (my tribe). His parents were unable to pay the expensive dowry necessary to wed, and thus the elders declared this beautiful baby boy mingi. Baby Lale’s parents were forced to leave him alone in a hut to die; he was not allowed any water or milk. When I was first alerted about this mingi birth I immediately drove to Dus Village, where I found him starving and ill.

It became instantly clear that baby Lale was going to need more intensive medical care than the Jinka hospital (the local hospital nearest to the Omo Child home) could offer. My wife, Gido, took him to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Gido and baby Lale stayed at that hospital for three weeks, while he received intensive treatment to regain strength. When he was healthy enough to return home, Omo Child’s nurse made sure to monitor him very closely. He made a full and active recovery! Lale truly lights up our home and our hearts with his big smile, cheerful nature, and gentle mannerism.

Today, Lale is attending “Timrhetbet” which is the Amharic (Ethiopian) equivalent to kindergarten. Here at Omo Child, we work hard to provide schooling opportunities for every single one of our children, as they continue to grow and develop to match their academic abilities. Educational opportunities are not easily obtained in Ethiopia, especially in the more rural areas such as Jinka. However, we prioritize education for our children. Our kids will become the leaders of their respective communities and of our nation. I believe that this generation will put a stop to the Mingi practice for once and for all.

Your commitment to Omo Child has directly and immediately given life. Today we celebrate a beautiful soul that is not only possible because of your donations, but also continues to thrive because of YOUR ongoing support.

Thank you.


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  1. Bob Lowey says:

    Hi, I am a Canadian Christian, living with my children in the province of British Columbia in a small community called Black Creek on Vancouver Island. My career was planning communities. My name is Bob Lowey.
    I heard about your tribe from a Public Service Station in Mesa Arizona, USA, while vacationing there.
    I want to be part of your community in a long term sustainable way, by twinning your community with one of ours in Canada. We share information and ideas and have had some success in twinning a community in China with a community in the Province of Saskatchewan.

    Please write me and see how we can might make this possible for you.

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