OMO CHILD is a nonprofit organization with U.S. and Ethiopian operations. Based in San Diego, California, Omo Child – U.S is registered in the United States as a 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID #: 27-5098874).  OMO CHILD is also registered independently as an Ethiopian NGO to meet local country requirements.

Omo Child – Ethiopia

Omo Child co-founder Lale Labuko & his wife Gido Sura are general managers of Omo Child-Ethiopia. They and their devoted staff provide the loving care for the children at the Omo Child home in Jinka, along with a quality education. In addition, Lale and his team continue their efforts to end the practice of Mingi.

Omo Child – U.S.

The mission of Omo Child – U.S. is to support the work of OMO CHILD- Ethiopia by raising the funds for the care and education of our children in Jinka, while providing necessary organizational oversight. Omo Child is run by co-founder and President John Rowe and a board of directors – all of whom donate their time.

Omo Child-U.S. is run frugally with few paid employees. There are two part time employees who work with a dedicated team of volunteers to raise the money (a time-intensive activity) and spread the word about Omo Child. All legal, accounting and tax services are provided to Omo Child on a pro bono basis. In addition, John Rowe donates a portion of the profits from his photography to support the work of OMO CHILD.

To save money on administrative items like rent and computers, Omo Child operates a “virtual office,” with organizational meetings held at John Rowe’s photography studio.  We also invest money in the Omo Child website, because it’s the most cost-effective way to tell our story through photos and videos to a national and international audience and build needed financial support.

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