Who We Are

OMO CHILD rescues and cares for Mingi children from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region in Africa.  All of the children living at OMO CHILD would have been victims of infanticide if they were not rescued.

Living at the OMO CHILD home in Jinka, Ethiopia is the only option for our rescued children. The children live together in a safe, clean home-like environment. They are loved and cared for by devoted nannies called “mamas” and other caretakers (nurse, cooks, and housekeepers). They are well fed, clothed, and all necessary medical care is provided. OMO CHILD is also committed to providing the children with the best possible education, so that they become future leaders and important contributors to their communities.

We are NOT an adoption agency. We strongly believe that these children from the Omo Valley tribes should remain “home” in Ethiopia and be provided with a good life and education there. We hope that just like OMO CHILD founder Lale Labuko, an educated Kara tribal member, they can help current and future generations successfully transition from tribal Africa to the developed world.

OMO CHILD is a non-sectarian, humanitarian organization operating as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization as recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Federal Tax ID / EIN# 27-5098874