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As the year comes to a close, we feel obligated to share with you, our extended Omo Child family some bittersweet news. The Omo Child Family continues to grow. Unfortunately, the age-old tradition of Mingi continues to be practiced in both the Hamer and the Banna tribes, which means more and more babies continue to be rejected and killed if the Omo Child team does not make it in time to save their precious lives.

Our family now has 46 children under the love and care of our heroic nannies. We are so grateful for each and every life in our home and care for each baby in particular.

Fortunately, our family has also been growing in supporters. As our work continues, it is crucial for our family of support (in and outside of Ethiopia) to grow too. We are asking YOU to join our family.


Our Family Today


omo child family-1
  • 46 Children
  • 11 Nannies
  • 2 Cooks
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Drivers
  • 3 Security Guards
  • AND YOU!


What it takes…


Omo Child runs 100% on donations from people like you.  These childre’s future begins TODAY with YOU.

It’s tough caring for a family of 46, but we are all in it together. Your donations go to…

_I6A7500Housing / Rent


Nannies and Care




Nadia.Salameh_261_1C3A3499_sqVehicle Maintenance



Further outreach… we are trying to END Mingi.


Our Work Is Far From Over


Mingi continues to be practiced in both the Hamer and the Banna tribes. As long as Mingi is still practiced, our family continues to grow.  This year-end our goal is to find just people like YOU to donate to support the care and feeding of the Omo Child Family.  We are asking you to take the leap— join the family and usher in a bright future for the children of our Omo Family.


How To Contribute


Pay Online.  Make a tax deductible gift by credit card or PayPal (as a one-time gift or monthly).

Click here to go to our Donate page (gifts processed through Stay Classy).

Pay by check.  Please print out the donation form here and mail your check & completed form to: Omo Child, PO Box 231697, Encinitas, CA 92023

For questions, contact us at  Thank you for your support!