Wish List


If you have upgraded your iPad and have an older model to spare, please consider donating it to OMO CHILD. We’re loading the iPads with a variety of educational apps to help our kids improve their logic, math and English language skills. So far, we have delivered 10 iPads to the children and they are a big hit! All children love learning, especially when it’s fun.

We’re hoping to collect at least 10 more iPads so that all of our older children currently attending school will have their own. To donate, please email us at info@omochild.org. We will provide you with a donation receipt. John Rowe will be returning to Ethiopia in July, so he can carry more iPads with him.







All parents know how quickly children outgrow their clothing.  We’re always in need of new and/or “gently used” clothing and shoes for our children in Jinka. Our boys and girls currently range in age from 1 year to 9 years.

Any clothes or shoes for children up to around 12 years would be greatly appreciated. We kindly ask that all items be new or in very good condition. (Note: Ethiopia is a temperate climate but evening temps during part of the year can get down into the 50s F.)

In addition, please mail all of your donations directly to the OMO CHILD home in Jinka, Ethiopia. OMO CHILD operates on a very lean budget and we simply do not have the extra money to ship the clothing donations. Thanks so much for your support of our children.

Please Mail All Donations To:

Gido Sura
P.O. Box 03
Jinka, South Omo


OMO CHILD has one vehicle in Jinka
(a 4-year-old Toyota 4-Runner) for all of our needs. This includes driving our children to school when necessary (rainy days are often), grocery and supply shopping at the local market, hospital trips to Addis Ababa
(2 day drive each way) and Arba Minch & Awassa (which are each 5-6 hours away),
as well as trips to the Omo Valley villages regarding Mingi rescues, education, and awareness efforts.

The roads in the South Omo region are extremely rough on vehicles. We need a second, larger vehicle (van size) to help transport more children and supplies, while ensuring we always have one vehicle in service for our children. Right now, it’s challenging when our only vehicle is in the shop for repairs, has gone to the Omo to meet with the tribes, or has taken a child to the doctor or hospital in the larger cities (on multi-day trips).

Due to the extremely high Vehicle Tax in Ethiopia (VAT), a new modest van for OMO CHILD will cost around $60,000. Please consider a donation towards this goal of providing us with more reliable transportation. (please make a note in the “Leave a Comment” box on the donation page about your desire to help with the “New Vehicle Fund”)  Donate here.