1-08-17 / Thank You! Successful Year End Campaign

Dear friends,
Thank you for being a part of the family! Thank you for supporting our growing kids, for sharing our work with your friends and family, and for listening to our needs.
You are making Omo Child’s work possible. You are changing lives.
We believe our children deserve the best. We are prioritizing local, healthy foods, quality loving care, and educational opportunities that match our kids’ bright, growing intellect.

And you are making it possible. Because of you, we were able to fulfill our 2016 year-end goals

I truly believe in each of these children, just like my father believed in me. I believe in their ability to grow and flourish and to make a positive impact on our world. And, just like my father did for me, I am committed to seeking out the best opportunities for them to realize their own potential 

I have seen in my life education to be a very powerful thing. It makes impossible things possible. Our children have the potential to change the world; a proper education coupled with the care Omo Child provides will make it possible. I can’t wait to see what comes of each of them.

Thank you for your continued support.

Continue to support Omo Child by donating today!

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12-08-16 / It Takes a Village – Sincerely Lale

Dear friends,

As the year comes to a close, it is easy to become nostalgic about the growth and development we have seen here at Omo Child, both as an organization and as a family.

Time seems to be racing by, and our kids are growing up before my eyes!

We need your help today to ensure continued positive growth.

I am so proud of each and every one of these kids, of what they have been able to accomplish and the goals that they have set for themselves. So many people are involved in the process of raising each of Omo Child’s wonderful children to become bright young adults; it truly does take a village.

It takes action from our entire global community to ensure our kids are fed, watched over, educated, loved, and nurtured. You are a part of that community. Together we are opening up a path for these children to become future leaders. Together we are ensuring their happiness and health on a daily basis. Together we are one big family.

At the end of the day, we simply want what is best for our kids and I am navigating being a worried parent of 46 children. I am teaching them the value of education, the importance of self-worth, and how to respect and care for each other. Our kids count on each other, support each other, and help each other.

This holiday season take a moment to reflect on your global community and what you can do to support this community.

Imagine raising and caring for 46 sons and daughters, putting together celebrations for the holiday season and ensuring each child understands how truly special they are. You are playing a direct and immediate role in our kids’ lives. You are impacting what is and is not possible for these kids. We are so thankful for all of the opportunities you have provided for our children by donating, sharing our story, and especially by providing a monthly contribution to our mission.

It takes a village. If we work together we can ensure a bright future for each of these 46 incredible lives.

Please help today!



This holiday season the best gift you can give is contributing to the light and love of Omo Child



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11-28-16 / Six Years Ago Today…


Dear friends,

Today is a very special day! Today we celebrate life, love, and hope. Today is Lale Chicha’s 6th birthday. I hold Lale very dear to my heart.

Six years ago today, Lale Chicha was born to an unwed Kara couple in the Omo Valley (my tribe). His parents were unable to pay the expensive dowry necessary to wed, and thus the elders declared this beautiful baby boy mingi. Baby Lale’s parents were forced to leave him alone in a hut to die; he was not allowed any water or milk. When I was first alerted about this mingi birth I immediately drove to Dus Village, where I found him starving and ill.

It became instantly clear that baby Lale was going to need more intensive medical care than the Jinka hospital (the local hospital nearest to the Omo Child home) could offer. My wife, Gido, took him to the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Gido and baby Lale stayed at that hospital for three weeks, while he received intensive treatment to regain strength. When he was healthy enough to return home, Omo Child’s nurse made sure to monitor him very closely. He made a full and active recovery! Lale truly lights up our home and our hearts with his big smile, cheerful nature, and gentle mannerism.

Today, Lale is attending “Timrhetbet” which is the Amharic (Ethiopian) equivalent to kindergarten. Here at Omo Child, we work hard to provide schooling opportunities for every single one of our children, as they continue to grow and develop to match their academic abilities. Educational opportunities are not easily obtained in Ethiopia, especially in the more rural areas such as Jinka. However, we prioritize education for our children. Our kids will become the leaders of their respective communities and of our nation. I believe that this generation will put a stop to the Mingi practice for once and for all.

Your commitment to Omo Child has directly and immediately given life. Today we celebrate a beautiful soul that is not only possible because of your donations, but also continues to thrive because of YOUR ongoing support.

Thank you.


Monthly donations have the most profound impact. If you’ve reached your limit, please share our story with friends and family by forwarding this message.


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10-12-16 / 2016 Year End Campaign #SincerelyLale


Dear friends,

Omo Child needs your help and we need it today! As you know, we run almost entirely on individual donors; people like you who have been touched by our work and contributed to our mission.

Right now, we are forced to concentrate on our month-to-month expenditure, but we have big plans for our growing children and the communities they come from! We run on a very modest budget: Your help will make a direct and immediate impact!

If everyone who is reading this contributed a small donation of $25 every month, our monthly donation level would match our expenses, and we could be more aggressive about our plans for the future.

Our kids are growing up fast and we have big plans to ensure they become Ethiopia’s future leaders! We want to make sure they receive top-notch education when they age out of their current school. We want to purchase another car so that while we are on trips to the Omo Valley working to end mingi, our kids at home have the security of a vehicle in case of an emergency. We want our kids to be the generation that puts an end to this practice!

We need your help today! Please take the next step toward becoming a part of this amazing family because together we all play a role in their bright futures!

Your monthly contribution of any amount will have the most significant impact by allowing us to plan for the future and care for the day-to-day necessities.

You have the power right now at your fingertips to not only contribute to the beautiful lives we are directly safe guarding, but to also shift an entire cultural paradigm that sends innocent children to the outskirts of society, deems them cursed, and kills them. You have the power to give life to future generations.
I want to hear from you. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… and reach out with any questions: info@omochild.org.



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9-02-16 / Lale Labuko Returns to Ethiopia


Dear Friends,

After four years of hard work dividing my time between the USA and Ethiopia, I am finally home with my family! Over the past four years I have devoted of my energy to getting my college education and growing our supporters abroad. I now proudly hold a BA in Economics and African Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

You will be exposed to many opportunities to support good work around the world, especially as the fall and winter months approach. I ask that you remember Omo Child during this time. We truly need your help.

The Ethiopian government has licensed Omo Child to fulfill two roles: (1) To care for the children whose lives we have saved and who are directly under our care and (2) to raise awareness and ultimately put an end to the mingi practice in the Omo Valley. We are the only organization licensed by the government and doing this work—we are these kids’ only hope.

We run on a very tight budget, month-to-month and day-to-day.  We are not able to plan and implement necessary upgrades to our home. The immediate needs of our children consume all of our available resources.  Our family grows each time another life is put in danger, but our facilities and our monthly income have stayed the same.

Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to continue our mingi awareness work in the Omo Valley.  There are still more than 50,000 people who believe mingi children are cursed and must be killed and as long as the practice persists, we will have no choice but to take in more children.

Your support will not only sustain the lives of our growing family, but it will save the lives of many more children.  You can be the difference between developing an entire generation of new leaders for my region, or continuing to watch my culture and my people struggle.

The hard fact is that we simply do not have the financial means to see our solutions to an end. This is truly a matter of life and death, a matter of preserving peoples and cultures and a matter of supporting them in a healthy, sustainable manner.  Help me prove that these saved children will be the generation that can bring hope to our world.

Our mission is no small order; we are trying to change the mindset of over 50,000 people in order to impact endless future generations to come. As you are faced with many opportunities to give to different causes in the coming months, please remember Omo Child.

Please help Omo Child today!


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4-29-16 / Omo Child Documentary Now Available!


Dear Omo Child Family,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The award winning documentary Omo Child: The River and the Bush is now available! We could not be more excited to announce that the Omo Child Movie is on iTunes and Google Play!

Now it is even easier to share the #omochildstory with friends and family.

Ever wondered how YOU can help the children you have grown to love so dearly? Share the Omo Child Movie with your community, spread the word, get passionate, get creative, and get started.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more exciting news and updates.

Yours truly,
Omo Child Foundation

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2-22-16 / Rescue Update – 2 Children Rescued, 8 Killed

For the past several years the Hamer Tribe has been encouraged to keep all mingi children in their villages. About 18-months ago, some Hamer villages stopped killing their children while others continued the practice. One village in the mountains near Dimeka, Ethiopia reluctantly complied with the government mandate to stop killing the mingi children and to let them live in the village.

Last week was a very sad and painful week for that Hamer village. After allowing the mingi children to live in the village, the Hamer elders decided to kill all 10 children identified as mingi. The elders blamed these children for bad things that had happened in their community. One night after a meeting, the elders of the village began killing the mingi children. Roving gangs went hut to hut seizing the children and taking them into the bush to be killed. People in the village were screaming and crying. It was a horrific scene.

Two fathers heard the screams and grabbed their daughters (ages 1 ½ and 3 ½) and fled. As they ran with their daughters several of the elders saw them escaping and gave chase. The elders began firing their AK-47’s at the fleeing fathers and daughters. The fathers returned fire and a gunfight ensued.

As the pursuing elders took cover, the fathers fled into the bush and into the night. Hours later they made their way to the Dimeka police station. The local government security and the “Women and Children’s Affairs” administrators gave them sanctuary. The government administrators contacted Omo Child and asked us to help by rescuing these children. Omo Child immediately dispatched our rescue team and now the children are receiving medical care and will slowly be integrated into the Omo Child home.

When the time is right, the fathers will return to the village and ask the elders for forgiveness. The families of the rescued children are welcome to visit the home any time. However, for now that will not be possible because the elders believe that anyone who visits the mingi children will bring the curse back to the village.

Today, we welcome Leka (1 ½) and Kaja (3 ½) to the Omo Child home.

Omo Child continues to work with the local Ethiopian government to end mingi.

Today, Omo Child provides love, care and education for 47 children.

Thank you for your support.

Your donations are saving and sustaining lives.

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2-15-16 / Tragic News from the Omo Valley

Dear friends of Omo Child,

We usually try to focus our communication on positive stories about our 45 children and staff at the home in Ethiopia, and how your contributions are helping generate those loving anecdotes. Today I need to communicate something different.

For the past 6 months, elements of the Hamer have been at war with all outsiders including the government. During this time, 28 children have been declared mingi and killedThis past week alone 8 children were killed in a Hamer Village. This news is tragic.

Two children survived, however! They are each about one year old. Their families were able to escape and seek help. They went to the “Women and Children’s Affairs” offices within the Hamer government. That’s where the babies remain.

I just spoke with Lale Labuko and he has asked Omo Child General Manager, Ayko Gudree to do everything in our power to save these babies.

I have a sense of happiness that we may be adding two new members to the Omo Child family, whose lives we would be able to enrich and protect. I also have a deep sense of sadness thinking about the families whose young children were taken from them and killed.

Omo Child is not only involved in providing a safe and nurturing home for our children, but we are also frequently confronting very intense life and death situations. We operate with limited funding. We could use additional facilities, staff and vehicles. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources for those things.

We need your support and we need the support of others. Please tell your friends about Omo Child, our work and our needs.

Please continue to support Omo Child financially. Your money is doing incredible work and saving lives.


John Rowe

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1-15-16 / Thank You!

“I sustain myself with the love of family” -Maya Angelou

We are so grateful for each and every one of you. You came together to have an incredibly profound impact on 45 young lives.

It has been 5 years since the formal creation of Omo Child and this was the most successful campaign to date! Because of you, but we were able to raise $74,000 throughout our #JoinOurFamily year end campaign!  Not only was it the most successful campaign in terms of the amount of money raised, but we also had more first time donors then ever before.  Our family truly is growing and we are so incredibly thankful.

With the utmost gratitude,
Your Omo Child Family

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12-30-15 / End of the Year

Happy New Year!

With 2015 coming to a close, we are so very grateful to each and every one of you and all that you have done for Omo Child.  You have already begun to impact our children’s lives. You have read the stories. You have been there for the victories and the losses. You have kept up to date on the Omo children throughout the year, and you have shared our continued mission with your friends and family. Now is the time to take the next step…Join Our Family!

Taking care of 45 children is a lot to juggle. The babies need diapers, formula, bottles, highly individualized attention, and the loving arms of their “mamas” to answer their every need 24/7. The toddlers need cribs, shoes, sippy cups, and toys. The children all need nutritious food, transportation to school, medical care, educational materials and other accessories to help them explore their interests and boost their potential to previously unimaginable levels.

It costs Omo Child $400/ child each month to run our home. That includes everything described above, and so much more to really make our house a home.

With your monthly donation, you become an integral part of our Omo Child family. Reoccurring donations have the biggest impact on each and every child. They are cost and time effective for the Omo Child team, so we can focus on what really matters; our children’s daily needs. And most importantly the amount is completely up to you…every little bit helps our family flourish.  In addition, the monthly donations are flexible; you can adjust your monthly donations at any time.

Our family is growing and we will continue to work tirelessly to put an end to Mingi until it is nonexistent. We will try to respond to each and every child threatened by this horrific plight and we will raise each rescued child brought into our home as one of our own.  Our goal is and always will be to allow each one of our children to meet their fullest potential, to be the future leaders of Ethiopia and a better world all around.  Please help us.  Please sign up today, before the year ends, for a monthly tax-deductible donation and become a vital part of our mission, and our family. Join Us. #JoinOurFamily

Make sure to either click on the banner or here to watch our campaign video.

Please donate now!

Thank You!
Your Omo Child Family

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