Nannies & Staff


Zeritu Tsedale

Zeritu is the Head Nanny of Omo Child home in Jinka, Ethiopia. She was born into the Bena Tribe in a small town called “Keya Afer”.  Zeritu is now 39 years old, has completed High School in Jinka, and is married with five kids.  Three girls and two boys; two graduated from college, one is still in college, and two more are in high school. She sometimes communicates with the older kids in the Bena Language, one of the many tribal languages of the Omo Valley.

In 2008, when Omo Child started rescuing Mingi Children in Southwest Ethiopia, Zeritu was one of the first Nannies hired. Zeritu shows a lot of love and care for our kids.  She is very passionate about Omo Child because of her experience growing up in the Bena tribe.  She has an aspiration for our kids to be like her kids, to be able to go to college, and have a job. For the past four years, Zeritu has worked with enormous effort to keep our kids tidy and healthy. Zeritu is a remarkable mother; as a result, she became Head Nanny and the Consultant/Advisor of our home in Jinka. She recommends all the nannies we have now, and is currently taking care of Gideon, one of our children, in her home due to his special needs.



Enat Wonderferawu

Enat is one of our assistant nannies, and is a supervisor at the children’s home in Jinka, Ethiopia. Enat is responsible for the older kids and all the nannies activities at the Children’s home; taking older kids too and from school, making sure they are well fed, they do all their homework, making sure they are clean and well rested.  Everything from bathing them, changing, washing, and hanging their clothes, and making the beds. Enat says, “I love to watch movies with our kids, particularly on the weekend. After the movie is over they start talking about each movie they have watched, they also talk about how funny the movies were. Especially, our kids love the iPads very much, and I love to teach the games on them and all the educational lessons. Likewise, I love to read stories and tell stories for our kids on the weekend. Our kids love to hear stories, and I really enjoy telling them local ones too. Truly, I am like their mother, when I leave for my one-day shift off, I feel like I didn’t see them for a week or a month. I can see their faces and how they miss me for just one day, they run to me and hug me and kiss me. Imagine, how hard it is for me to leave our kids for several weeks or a month. Our kids love to play soccer and some local sports too. Some of them are very fast and very athletic.”


Aster Zwuditu

Aster has been working at OMO CHILD for over three years and gives care and support to three babies at the shelter: Shoma, Jessica and Zelalem.




Wagaye Emru

Wagaye is a nanny for younger children at the home in Jinka. The younger kids are all under the age of 3 years old. Wagaye is responsible for three babies; Lale Chicha, Ruth Bero, and Bodo Bale. Wagaye is 25 years old and has a high school education. She is married, but has no children yet, and has worked as a nanny for four years. She’s one of our best nannies and is working hard in order to keep our kids tidy and healthy. “I love my work very much with the kids. These kids have a unique story. When I first heard from my friend about Omo Child, I was so interested to work and help these kids. My daily life with three kids: changing their diaper and clothes, feeding them one at a time and I wash their body twice a day or sometimes on a really hot day maybe I will wash my kids three times a day. Particularly, Bodo mostly gets very dirty very quick and I have to change his clothes three times a day, very difficult. But Ruth and Lale Chicha very easy to handle compared to Bodo. Ruth is a very unique child and she teaches kids different kind of sign games. Ruth is playing and all the kids learned from her, some kind of movements. She’s very smart and sometimes she sneaks and steals other kids bottles, and drinks from them. I was just amazed and astonished by her behavior. Now, all our kids have learned from Ruth, they do the same movement she does. Also Lale Chicha is very strong smart boy, he learns things very fast.”



Tizita Mikire

Tizita is one of the nannies responsible for the older kids at the home in Jinka. Tizita is 22 years old and has a high School education. Tizita has worked at Omo Child for 6 years. She is one of our first nannies hired back in 2008, and we are very blessed to have her. Tizita is amazing and she is very good with our older kids. She gives constant tender love and care to them. Especially she has been very effective with the older kids by teaching them a lot of character traits such as discipline. She is also teaching them the Amharic language and teaching games on the iPads.  She is responsible for 16 children with two more nannies. “I am taking older kids to and from school. I love to play games and doing out-door activities with them. My most favorable part of activities is taking them outside for a walk and they love to walk outside our compound. Particularly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.  I take the older kids to the “rock campsite” which is very famous place for the tourists but also has a recreational place for people. In general, the older kids love going for walk and they run around and play a local game on the grounds called ‘Tiki Tiki’ they love that game a lot.”





 Buzenesh Ayle

Buzenesh is one of our best nannies at the children home in Jinka. Buzenesh is responsible for three kids; Tensai Gino, Debora Hayila, and Endris Damo. She’s handles all motherly activities such as; feeding the kids, clothing them, bathing them, cleaning after them, changing diapers, and giving them tender love and care. Buzenesh is 31 years old and she’s in 9th grade. She has worked for 4 years at the home in Jinka. “I love my children so much. I can say my children because I have been with them for two years since they were under a week old. Tensai, Debora, and Endris are the most beautiful kids I have ever seen and they are cute. Being around them gives me joy and energy. Taking care of children has been my passion. In two years working with Omo Child I have seen my children grow up and now they are learning language.  The children were all two or three days old when they first came to Omo Child, except Tensea was two or three weeks old. Tensai has a very unique story. I still remember when Tensai arrived at the children’s and it was very hard look at her body. It was terrifying moments for me and for others. I was the one holding Tensai while we drove to the hospital, I was so trembled and fearful…my hands were shaking, while we were driving I was crying.  I am just amazed everyday with their progress they show me. Lastly, I am honored to take care of these children and I want them to be successful in their lives”.