Thank You! Successful Year End Campaign

Dear friends,
Thank you for being a part of the family! Thank you for supporting our growing kids, for sharing our work with your friends and family, and for listening to our needs.
You are making Omo Child’s work possible. You are changing lives.
We believe our children deserve the best. We are prioritizing local, healthy foods, quality loving care, and educational opportunities that match our kids’ bright, growing intellect.

And you are making it possible. Because of you, we were able to fulfill our 2016 year-end goals

I truly believe in each of these children, just like my father believed in me. I believe in their ability to grow and flourish and to make a positive impact on our world. And, just like my father did for me, I am committed to seeking out the best opportunities for them to realize their own potential 

I have seen in my life education to be a very powerful thing. It makes impossible things possible. Our children have the potential to change the world; a proper education coupled with the care Omo Child provides will make it possible. I can’t wait to see what comes of each of them.

Thank you for your continued support.

Continue to support Omo Child by donating today!

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