Tragic News from the Omo Valley

Dear friends of Omo Child,

We usually try to focus our communication on positive stories about our 45 children and staff at the home in Ethiopia, and how your contributions are helping generate those loving anecdotes. Today I need to communicate something different.

For the past 6 months, elements of the Hamer have been at war with all outsiders including the government. During this time, 28 children have been declared mingi and killedThis past week alone 8 children were killed in a Hamer Village. This news is tragic.

Two children survived, however! They are each about one year old. Their families were able to escape and seek help. They went to the “Women and Children’s Affairs” offices within the Hamer government. That’s where the babies remain.

I just spoke with Lale Labuko and he has asked Omo Child General Manager, Ayko Gudree to do everything in our power to save these babies.

I have a sense of happiness that we may be adding two new members to the Omo Child family, whose lives we would be able to enrich and protect. I also have a deep sense of sadness thinking about the families whose young children were taken from them and killed.

Omo Child is not only involved in providing a safe and nurturing home for our children, but we are also frequently confronting very intense life and death situations. We operate with limited funding. We could use additional facilities, staff and vehicles. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources for those things.

We need your support and we need the support of others. Please tell your friends about Omo Child, our work and our needs.

Please continue to support Omo Child financially. Your money is doing incredible work and saving lives.


John Rowe

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