I am Mingi


OMO CHILD rescues and cares for Mingi children from the Omo Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia, Africa. To date, OMO CHILD has successfully rescued 37 children that would otherwise have been killed.

Fear and superstition still exist in parts of the Omo Valley. Some of the tribes believe evil spirits or a “curse” will bring ill fortune (drought, famine, disease and death) to their villages if Mingi children are not killed. A child can be declared Mingi for the following reasons — Teeth Mingi, Girl Mingi, Woman Mingi and Twin Mingi. Being declared Mingi almost always means death of the child. The tribe will leave the child alone in the bush without food and water or will drown the child in the river.

OMO CHILD works in the hope of one day seeing Mingi eliminated forever by providing education and humanitarian support to the rescued children and their tribes.

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